10 March 2014

Zandelle - Vengeance Rising (2006)


Artist : Zandelle
Country : USA
Release : Vengeance Rising
Year : 2006
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320
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Vengence Rising is in True Heavy Metal form.
The lead guitarist(Anthony Maglio)shreds, with killer harmonies and amazing virtuosity. The vocals are pure with heart. The vocalist
(George Tsalikis) voice is in top form with a lower register than the previous album, however you can expect the searing high notes and occassional metal screams. The Bass and Drums are tight, pure adrenaline from start to finish!!! Sonically, this album sounds amazing. Pump this album on your speakers or headphones and you will hear a great mix, and all the dynamics and frquencies of all the vocals and instruments.
In summary...This album Rocks!!!!

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