11 March 2014

Odin - By The Gods (2001)


Artist : Odin
Country : USA
Release : By The Gods
Year : 2001
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320
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By The Gods album for sale thank god this came out on cd! this is what motley crue should've sounded like after the "shout" album. By The Gods CD music this contains the 6 song album "don't take no for an answer" and 10 other great songs. By The Gods buy CD music the original "don't take" album just blew me away back in '86. By The Gods songs If u look at the band photos they look like posers(at least 2 of them do). Quite the contrary. they had a video for "shining love" which was cool! On guitar you have Jeff Duncan who went on to play(and still does) with Armored Saint! this is one of the ultimate lost classics of metal!

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