19 March 2014

Sarcasm - Igra Narave + Crematory (2002)


Artist : Sarcasm
Country : Slovenia
Release : Igra Narave + Crematory
Year : 2002
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 VBR
Download :  Get It Here


Sarcasm has been around since 1987, but because of its thrash metal choice mainstream radios and TV are still reluctant to play their aggressive and fastest kind of metal. Despite all that, they published 6 albums and re-releases and a couple of singles, most famous being Crematory, which was re-released 4 times since 1989. They played with many metal legends, Motorhead, Sepultura, Kreator, Holy Moses and on festivals with many great names such as Anthrax, Slayer, Soulfly, Destruction, Tankard and Apocalyptica, to name just a few...
The greatest breakthrough for this band happened in 2007 when Sarcasm was discovered by Californian publishing house Nuclear War Now!, which brought the name of Sarcasm to the worldwide audience. Since then Sarcasm is more listened to worldwide than in their own country, Slovenia. In 2011 the published, Something To Believe In, all in English, dedicated to wars and injustice, intended to make their name stronger worldwide but they also hoped to raise some brows in their own country.

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